Rice Scoop

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The curved sides of this wooden rice scoop, along with the short handle help you have more control. It's used by us often for its perfect size for serving a bowl of rice. We even use two of these to serve up serve up your favorite salad. Perfectly designed for small jobs, the BoWood rice scoop is sure to become a favorite in your kitchen.

This rice scoop is made with some of the finest American hardwoods, allowing you to enjoy them for years. Each utensil is hand-made and finished, giving you a one of a kind unique piece of art that you can use in your kitchen long enough to hand it down.  The utensils are given a bath in our Wood Oil and sanded three times to give you a perfectly smooth finish. They are then hand rubbed with our Wood Butter to give it a water-repellent finish, keeping it looking fresh and easy to maintain.

Handmade in Iowa.