New Leader Spalted Maple Break Tables

When New Leader Manufacturing, a company with an 80 plus year history building Highway and Agricultural equipment locally contacted us to help them put the finishing touch on their new break area for their employees, we were happy to collaborate with them to come up with not only a unique look, but also a durable product that would stand up to daily use by their team members.

Spalted Maple Conference Tables | BoWood Company

Our goal with this project was to utilize a natural wood with a unique texture with steel bases to pull together their historic roots with today's technology. After reviewing different wood options, we landed on Spalted Maple which gave us a unique spalting in each of the tables that provided us a very unique and one-of-a-kind finishes.

We worked through the design process of the metal bases to incorporate a metal strip of tubing in the center of the tables to tie the base into the top for a seamless look. Our favorite part of the whole project was revealing the end grain of the table on the ends to see what amazing textures nature created for us to enjoy!

Spalted Maple Conference Tables | BoWood Company


These tables ended up being 36" x 14' long with the ability to seat 14 people at each table, the perfect size for their break area for their employees to grab a seat and enjoy their lunch.

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