Spurtle Set

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Our wood spurtle is a cross between a spatula and a spoon. Because of it's curved, smooth surface, it is shaped for both moving foods around, and for scraping the food off on the sides of your bowls and pans. It is handy in a big pot of chili or whipping up some batter. It is also excellent for flipping over vegetables in a hot pan, scraping around in your mixing bowl, frying pan, or really anything you can imagine. It is the single most universal utensil and a must-have for your kitchen or makes an excellent gift for a chef or foodie.

This spurtle set is made from three of our different wood options of the finest American hardwoods, allowing you to enjoy them for years. This set includes one each of Maple, Walnut, Cherry and our Specialty Burnt Cherry. Each utensil is hand-made and finished, giving you a one of a kind unique piece of art that you can use in your kitchen long enough to hand it down. The utensils are given a water bath and sanded three times to give you a perfectly smooth finish. They are then hand rubbed with food-safe mineral oil to keep it looking fresh and easy to maintain.

Handmade in Iowa.