French Rolling Pin

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This traditional wooden French rolling pin has a minimalist design and features exotic woods from around the world to create a sturdy and useful piece for your kitchen. The taper allows you to get a better feel for your dough and is the preferred pin design of many bakers worldwide. Each pin is unique and one-of-a-kind and built to withstand even the toughest rolling jobs. The construction is beautifully made and will perform well under daily use.

This french rolling pin is made with some of the finest unique hardwoods from around the world, allowing you to enjoy them for years. Each one is hand-made and finished, giving you a one of a kind unique piece of art that you can use in your kitchen long enough to hand it down. They are given a bath in our Wood Oil and sanded three times to give you a perfectly smooth finish. They are then hand rubbed with our Wood Butter to give it a water-repellent finish, keeping it looking fresh and easy to maintain.

Handmade in Iowa.