New Leader Spalted Maple Epoxy Conference Table

When New Leader Manufacturing reached out to us again after we created their Spalted Maple Break tables, they wanted an eye-catching and one-of-a-kind conference table to help with their corporate re-branding and office update. We worked with them to find two Spalted Maple slabs that could be used to build this 14' long table.

Once the slabs arrived, we looked at multiple potential layouts for the table and did a mock-up of what the table would look like and how much epoxy would be needed to complete it.

Spalted Maple Slab

Once the final layout was determined, we built the form and put the slabs into it and poured the epoxy into the center. The color included an opaque green color with a small amount of yellow to get the bright green color that matched the branding of the company.

Spalted Maple Epoxy River Table

After the epoxy was cured, we flattened and sanded the table down and sprayed on a durable 2-part finish to give it a long-lasting durability.

Spalted Maple Epoxy River Table

Our goal with this project was to utilize a natural wood with a unique texture with a custom steel base to pull together their new corporate branding and colors. This tabled ended up being 36" x 14' long with the ability to seat 14 people at each table and included a shelf for a computer as well as a slide-out keyboard panel for the perfect showcase conference table to meet with potential new customers and existing ones in a professional setting.

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