Musil Home | Murphy Tables

This project was completed in partnership with Lori Wiles Design. For a review of all of her team's design capabilities, please visit her website to learn more.

Murphy Tables

When the customer approached us in a design meeting looking for a way to be able to quickly convert their basement to host family gatherings, we looked at various options for tables that could quickly be set up but ended up with a concept for a folding murphy table. We knew that we needed at least three 8' long tables in order to host as many guests as they were expecting and so we came up with this creative concept to solve this problem.

Murphy Tables

One of the biggest challenges of this project was building these tables in our shop as well as the cabinets to house them and get them delivered and installed in one day. 

We were able to include a couple of fun design features as well as safety features in this project as well. First off, we knew that the customer had grandchildren that visited and used the basement as a play area so when the tables were folded up and the doors were closed, we needed to be able to lock the doors from opening. This prevented the tables from inadvertently being pulled down without adult supervision.

Murphy Tables

The fun feature we added was to the back panel of the cabinet where we included a chalkboard wall as well as included a slot to store chalk so that messages and art could be displayed when the tables were folded down.

The materials used for this were walnut tabletops, finished with a dark stain and our standard high-durability finish, as well as reclaimed barnboard for the cabinet that was handpicked to fit with the decor and style of the room. We also used adjustable and folding metal legs with a plywood back wall with chalkboard paint on it.

The customer absolutely loves the concept and the finished product and we're honored to have been chosen for this project. We can't wait to hear about all of the family gatherings around these tables.

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